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As well as the founders Potentialisation is supported by a team of advisors with expertise on a wide range of topics.

Christopher Cooke

Strategic Officer


Christopher brings 27 years of international Board level experience. His awareness and practise builds upon thirty-five years of directly leading, managing, mentoring, and coaching beneficial strategic business development, and internal change management, across organisations and communities of all scales.

Christopher brings a passion, niche, and professional competency that is shaped by Integral Theory, Integral Psychology with Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

His pioneering work, since 1998, in the development of individual and cultural survey methods was described in 2017 as the most comprehensive available in the field of Integral Theory and Practice. 

He is currently involved with the implementation of regenerative practices, with social and ecological outcome verification, across the food and fibre supply ecology for the UK and Europe.  He also provides international cross-sectoral education, training, and advisory based application of Integral meta-Praxis.

Philip Birch

Commercial Officer


A broad and deeply experienced Commercial Executive with over 20 years of senior corporate working in sectors from heavy engineering to mobile phones and service provision. This knowledge has more recently been applied as a consultant to SME and 3rd sector enterprises acting as professional advisor/consultant and performing various MD and FD roles.

With a particular passion for personal development and business ethics, he created ‘Ethiconomics’, a guide to more ethical business practices and working principles, and then developed a strong reputation within the personal development sector, qualifying in several methodologies as an approved personal coach

Most recently committing to the development of individual personal potential and to produce more collaborative business systems for the optimisation of resources within people-centric, sustainable business models.

Jon Twigge

Technology Officer

Contact details: https://linktr.ee/jontwigge

Thirty years in the software industry from programming to software systems architect across automotive, financial and CAD, twenty years as part owner of a small software company including roles as both technical and sales director.

An amateur but lifelong interest in philosophy, psychology and social change underpinned a desire to use those formal software skills to make a global difference.  Founding several self improvement groups, latterly through Meetup culminated in the idea of Potentialisation in 2015.   

Retirement from the software company finally gives time to focus full time on the Potentialisation vision in the coming years.


Julie Bullen

Business Psychologist


Consulting across a number of sectors including national infrastructure such as highways, nuclear, airports, banking, law and the Cabinet Office, Julie works with individuals and teams to enhance levels of collaboration and performance for long term impact.

Julie has a DPhil from Magdalen College, Oxford and an MPhil from the Institute of Psychiatry, London.

She is qualified in a range of psychometrics and is a member of the British Psychological Society.


Robin Hills

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience


Specialising in emotional intelligence and the appropriate use of emotion by supporting personality and behaviour in business to increase productivity and success.

Over 35 years​ working with small start-ups to large multinationals in commercial areas, project management and line management.

Creator of educational programmes on resilience and emotional intelligence used in education establishments in South Africa, India and over 100,000 online students in 175+ countries.

“The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” and “The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” published in The Authority Guide book series.

Keynote speaker at international conferences on emotional intelligence and neuroscience in the UK, US, Middle East, South Africa, India and online.

Keith Rice



A 20 year adherent of the Graves Motivational Model, Keith worked on the HemsMESH community transformation project, was a founder member of the Centre for Human Emergence UK and maintains connections with a spectrum of influential psychologists. 

He has used the Gravesian approach in management consultancy, teaching/training, psychotherapy, as a core part of his psychology courses at North Yorkshire colleges and has been a keynote, video and webinar contributor for conferences including Advancing Education in Muslim Societies. 

His acclaimed book, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You: an Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to Personal Fulfilment and Better Relationships’ – was reviewed on amazon.com as “the best Psychology book of the year”.  He has contributed articles to various publications and key chapters in the ‘Developmental Innovation’ compendium.

integratedsociopsychology.net, that he created and maintains, is a vast resource base for the behavioural sciences and his wide knowledge will ensure that he offers critical oversight of Potentialisation. 

Mike Walters

HR Consultant and Writer


Mike has over 35 years experience in human resources work and has worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking.

He now runs a HR consultancy with a specialism in job design, reward systems and competency frameworks applied across the private and public sectors with particular experience in the criminal justice sector including police, prisons and probation. 

Inequality in pay and role responsibilities can no longer be defended. The need to justify HR metrics was more prominent in the public sector but is becoming increasingly important across all sectors.

Alongside his professional career, Mike has published sixteen crime novels.

Steve Conley

Academy of Life Planning – Founder


Thirty years heading up customer propositions for the largest financial institutions and for the past decade founder and chief exec of the Academy of Life Planning, awarded Best Financial Adviser Support Network 2020 & Award for Outstanding Contribution to Finance 2020 by SME News.

Author of “Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life”, Steve developed The GAME Plan. Based on Shinto philosophy, Kakebo and Ikigai, The GAME Plan helps you identify your “reason for being” and using his proposition development and financial planning skills, puts in place the financial architecture to support it.

Steve is an award-winning ambassador and volunteer for the Transparency Taskforce, a global collaborating and campaigning community seeking to restore trust and confidence in the financial services industry.


Michael Powell

Integral Practitioner and Change Facilitator


Michael’s past work, across education, government, nonprofits, and profit sectors includes organizational change, employee and volunteer training, grant writing, public service, and teaching.  In 2012, he was selected as a Democratic Party candidate for the Arizona State Senate.  

The work he now pursues is, at heart, about releasing the hidden capacities that exist in everyone, conscientiously evolving an ethic of deeper caring and learning that serves others. 

Having “retired,” he is studying for a D. Min. in Evolutionary Ecological Interspirituality and seeks to create a refuge so we can honor our pain for our world through our love for one another, quietly helping and supporting efforts to discover new ways of being human. 

Chris Braithwaite

Positive Psychologist & Appreciative Researcher


Specialising in the application of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based approaches to enable positive change amongst individuals, teams and organisations, Chris’s key aims are enabling people to better understand themselves and those around them, inspiring them to imagine positive futures and equipping them to realise their potential through innovative thinking, doing and being.

He has 35 years experience as a research consultant providing people in organisations, large and small, with insight into the drivers of success. More recently he has worked on the development of models, assessments and diagnostic tools to help leaders build positive cultures and achieve peak performance.

Chris has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London and was an organiser and speaker at the second Global Conference on Positive Change.

Dr Darren Stevens

Adult Developmental Psychologist

Contact details: https://linktr.ee/drdarrenstevens

Darren’s expertise resides in our construction of our thinking, and has demonstrated that this construction transcends context. Darren has turned his passion into a business where he utilises his ideas to redefine coaching and mentoring from a self-awareness perspective. By focusing on how you construct your thinking, the mentoring journey begins from a brand new starting point.

After working for a number of large organisations, such as General Electric and the NHS, Darren left the business world to focus on his own development with a view to developing others including achieving NLP Master Practitioner and culminating in his PhD, where he developed his own theory of cognitive behaviour. He called it Constructed Development Theory and he uses its principles to coach and mentor MBA students in London, as well as SME business owners, and high-level managers.

Phil Facey

Software Test Architect

Phil has been a leader in software testing for almost 20 years, at times also covering business analysis, project management, quality control and implementation.

With a broad holistic vision of testing and business Phil prescribes early testing of business understanding before even beginning specification – the earlier that testing is built into projects the better the quality of the end product will be, delivered with less stress, faster, cheaper and better, even beyond customer expectations.

Whatever the domain that Phil has worked on, be it healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, transport, the principles of test early to constantly improve and deliver effectively is always his priority.

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