The human mind has the capacity to learn and grow in ways that we are only just starting to understand. Using this understanding allows us to consciously support the growth process for individuals, groups and across the globe; the process of potentialisation.

Consciously Supporting Growth.


Psychology, biology, sociology, environmental science – whatever the names, people have greater and greater understanding of what it is to be human in the world, even if there are still more questions than answers.

But much of this knowledge is only slowly becoming useful to individuals and most often only those lucky enough to have the resources to access it, which in some countries means hardly at all.

Potentialisation is here to make access to the tools for understanding ourselves and accelerating our growth available as widely as possible.


Understanding ourselves, whether it be our personality, our strengths, our emotions or even our whole person allows us to use these things to our benefit rather than being held back by struggling to be someone we are not, forcing ourselves to do things that are not our natural strengths or trying to make the world and others behave like us.

Engaging with our strengths allows us to grow and perform far more effectively. The alternative is growing disconnection and presenteeism at work and even at home.


Confident, healthy individuals who understand themselves also understand that everyone is different. By engaging with our own strengths and allowing and even engaging with others to their strengths hugely reduces friction and oftentimes outright conflict (between individuals, organisations and even nations).

Healthy societies engage with citizens as effectively as possible even where sometimes that means imposing minimal healthy boundaries (leaving room for growth through difference and challenge) where some need more structure than others.


With large numbers of individuals across the world using Potentialisation we will be in a unique position to monitor well being, and use machine learning to deepen our understanding of the relationships between social and environmental conditions and individual capacity.

All research will be carried out using anonymous data and at no time will personal data be released to any other party without an individuals permission.

Potentialisation has been chosen as a 2021 member of Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Future Club

Sci-Tech Daresbury is a national science and innovation campus and an internationally recognised location for high-tech businesses and leading-edge science.  It is one of the UK government’s enterprise zones with ambitious plans to create over 10,000 jobs and 1 million square feet of development in the next 25 years.

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