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Realising our Individual and Collective Potential

This website is a work in progress as Potentialisation is established…

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Learn about yourself, how you can grow and effectively engage with others without ever compromising your personal information.

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Learn more about well being, personality, emotional intelligence, skills, complexity and values, food and diet, environment and much more.

Coming first…

A range of tools to learn about your personality traits, emotional intelligence and potential. And how these can be used to effectively engage with other people with a different personology.

What People Say

Liberating people potential across the globe will lift humanity through individual growth and collaboration !

Jon Twigge

Re Search – A Wider Perspective

With millions of users across the globe the research arm of Potentialisation will be tasked with uncovering a better understanding of human wellbeing, personality, growth and social structure. The research will always use anonymised data and will never reveal personal data to third parties.

Well being

Regular well being surveys will track people contentment across the globe and its relation to our environment, socially (including economic, mental health and world events) and physically (including health, food, air and water quality)

Learning and Growth

Tracking engagement in employment and contribution with skills, competencies and wider learning will help provide individuals with better guidance for life choices whether it be education, employment or relations.


With large quantities of information relating well being, health and performance against learning and environment Potentialisation will provide evidence based results to policy makers across many fields.

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What is Next…

Tools to help organisations effectively engage and grow with individuals and teams

Companies, charities, trainers, coaches, educators and more will have tools to support and engage their employees, clients, students, outreach and others while access to personal data will always be limited and controlled by the individuals.